Picking Color Combinations


Creating outfits can be hard, especially when you’re just starting out. There are a lot of things to consider when putting together a look and color is only one of them. When picking colors to wear I’ve found that nature is your best teacher. Colors that occur naturally have withstood the test of time and to me, are the most appealing to the eye. For the fall and winter look to the woods to find inspiration; grass, dirt, and leaves can all lead you to great color combinations. For the spring and summer look to a sunset on a beach; the vibrant colors of the sun mix well with the ocean blue’s and light colored sand. Getting dressed happens inside (usually), but don’t be afraid to look outside for inspiration.


The Beauty of Raw Denim


Denim is a staple of any mans wardrobe, and everyone loves a beautiful pair of jeans. However, not all pairs of denim are created equally.For those of you that have the patience and stomachs to withstand not washing your jeans very often, or at all, raw denim is the way to go. Raw denim evolves with every movement that you make. The jeans end up becoming a reflection of the life that you’ve been living and every fade, rip, and stain represents many memories. There’s something magical about looking at the jeans you’ve spent the past year breaking in and seeing that whole year reflected back at you. If I’ve peeked your interest be sure to check out http://www.rawrdenim.com for more information on the art of raw denim.

Kanye West In Fashion

Kanye-West            Like him or not, over the past couple of months Kanye West has been all over t.v. and radio talking about his need to create product. Although he appears to be a hard man to work with, in my opinion there is no denying his creative genius. Music aside, he along with Nike created one of the most successful pairs of sneakers to ever be released. His clothing capsule with A.P.C. received massive amounts of media attention, partly for the prices, but largely do to how influential Kanye West has been. So next time you start to think that Kanye West has nothing to give to the world of fashion remember the shutter shades or the air yeezy’s, and hold your judgments until he has a couple more collections under his belt.

App Spotlight: Gilt


Gilt is a great app and website that provides designer clothing at great discounts. The deals last for a couple of days but the most popular items are usually gone after the first hour or so. 7 for mankind, Calvin Klein, and Original Penguin are all frequently on the site, but Gilt offers the opportunity to find new brands from all over the world. Download the app or check out the website to get started on adding some great items to your collection.

5 Tips for Rebuilding Your Wardrobe


So you’ve decided that it’s time to step up your clothing arsenal, but the hard part is where to begin. Rebuilding your closet is not a cheap endeavor but there are some ways to make sure that your rebuild is as successful as possible. Here are five tips to help you on your journey.

1. When rebuilding your wardrobe you don’t want to go out and buy as many pieces as you can afford all at once. Rebuilding should take time, because as you learn more about menswear your tastes will change. The best place to start when rebuilding is the basics, think t-shirts, jeans, and shoes. You want to upgrade the items that you wear most often first and then expand from there.

2. A big mistake that many men make when rebuilding is that they search the Internet looking for the newest trends and start buying items based off of what they find. This is the wrong approach because as a newbie to the world of menswear, by the time you’ve found out what the current trend is, it’s probably on its way out. Stick to buying timeless pieces when first starting out, this way you will avoid buying clothes that will only be “in” for a few months.

3. One of the most important things that I consider when buying clothes is the fit. Colors, designs, and quality are all important but if the clothes do not fit properly, nothing else matters. Buy clothes as slim as you are comfortable wearing but keep in mind that they shouldn’t be so tight that you physically feel uncomfortable. Another reason to take upgrading your closet slowly is that it may take you a while to be confident in a slimmer style of clothing. Integrating this slowly into your everyday wear will give you time to adjust.

4. Most clothing companies will have a mixture of basics as well as current trends in every season that they release. Use this to your advantage! Buy your basics right before the new seasons are released, they’ll be on sale and help keep the cost of your rebuild down. Using this method you’ll be able to get clothing from big designers at prices that are much more affordable.

5. Don’t be afraid to search brand websites to buy your clothing. If you’re a fan of a brand go on their website, often times they’ll have things that your department store of choice did not offer. These websites also offer sales from time to time that allow you to get the pieces you want at lower prices than the bigger retailers. On the same token, bigger retailers hold store wide sales that will also allow you to get clothing cheaper. So be sure to check both sources before purchasing any items, you never know when a sale is going on.

Redefining your closet is as much about getting new clothes as it is about finding new ways to express yourself. There are no mandatory rules to follow, only guidelines to help lead you in the right direction.  Treat menswear, as your new art form and it’ll mean much more to you than just buying things to wear.


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